It’s really easy to wreck a great career when you make decisions based on emotions and take action with no real vision, and unfortunately, we’re seeing a lot of that right now.

There are many people making career moves for the sake of it instead of taking a rational approach to make sure the job actually serves them long term.

Just like planes, your career needs a flight plan, measurable milestones and a realistic endpoint.

How do we simplify the decision making process? In this edition of Million Dollar Careers, we talk about the importance of starting with the end in mind.


Before you quit your job and trade a known for an unknown, make sure you know what the end is. -Rob Houghton  


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

The cost of jumping ship without thinking it through
Why are many of the people quitting their jobs doomed to end up frustrated again?

Why vision and self-realization are so important
Are you on the path that leads you to your desired end point? If not, how do you change that?

Emotional moves vs. rational decisions
How do you take a measured and vision-informed approach to mapping out your career?