The NFL draft is the greatest talent-hunting mission on display, and it’s a master class in excellence, business, recruiting, and people development.


Millions of kids play high school football. In college that number precipitously drops to 96,000 and at the professional level that drops further to 1,600. That exponential leap in caliber raises the game, and only the exceptional can make it.


What parallels can we draw in the business world? What makes the superstars so special? In this episode, we talk about why The Draft is such a great learning tool for leaders and employees alike.


Millions of kids play high school football. In college, that number precipitously drops to 96,000. In the NFL, it drops to 1,600. The caliber is an exponential leap. -Craig Picken


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


- Drafting on potential vs. drafting on experience: How do we determine the kind of player that will fit our teams well?


- The worst draft picks: There’s no force as disruptive as an un-coachable player. How do we avoid them?


- It all comes down to “do you your job”: Talent alone doesn’t make a great player. Why is EQ so important?


- Put more plays in your playbook: You never know what’s out there that’s going to kill you unless you’re looking out for it. How do you keep your head on a swivel?