There are two ways to build company culture:


The first is intentional and proactive. The second is by winging it with the hopes that nothing goes wrong, which never happens.


Culture is more than a set of words that hang on the wall. It is a collection of behaviors that permeate so deeply that people do them automatically, even when no one is looking. Hiring those desired behaviors is the key to installing a culture of excellence.


Instead of forcing a set of values on people, think deeply about the values the organization wants to drive and then hire the people who fit them.


Why are company cultures that are built this way more likely to succeed and have engaged employees? How can organizations get this right?


In this episode, I’m joined by Ann Rhoades who has been instrumental in building cultures at Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, and Double Tree Hotels. She shares why culture matters, how to build it correctly, and what leaders need to be mindful of.


Hire for the right behaviors because 90% of the time, those people will behave that way consistently. -Ann Rhoades


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-Focus on behavior

Do organizations skip some important foundational steps in creating their culture?


-The power of intentional culture

How can employees become recruiters and gatekeepers of our culture?


-When culture goes wrong

How did a certain embattled aircraft manufacturer go from a quality-focused culture to looking over its shoulder wondering where and when the next shoe drops?