NorthStar’s Four Steps to Executive Placement

01. Ongoing candidate contact

Every day we are proactively reaching out to and building relationships with high-caliber employed executives.

02. Fully understanding the role

We develop a complete understanding of every position, from the specifics of the role to the nuances of what it means to your company, to assure we fit the right candidates with the right opportunities.

03. Define the ideal candidate and recruiting strategy

We work with clients to define their ideal candidates, including where they are employed, ideal skill sets, tenure and experience, and develop a strategy to attract the best executive candidates.

04. Execute to agreed timeline

Ensuring a smooth and expeditious hiring process that is both candidate and client-friendly, by establishing an agreed upon a search timeline with matching metrics, and firmly hold to it.

We Focus on the Aviation Aftermarket

Clients seeking a new direction look to NorthStar to guide them. We support some of the most renowned names in Aviation and Aerospace by providing them with the senior executives who can take them to the next level. We focus particularly on three areas of the market: Aftermarket Services, MROs and Business Transformation:

Aftermarket Services

Tier 2 and 3 Manufacturers

Tier 2 and 3 manufacturers of airframe, engine and avionics components

Aftermarket Parts and Distribution

Aircraft parts suppliers, warehousing, logistics and distribution specialists

DER/ PMA Material

FAA-qualified engineering, modification, manufacturing and certification of obsolete parts and materials

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

MRO Heavy Maintenance

Maintenance and Repair of airframes, major assemblies and structures

MRO- Aircraft Engines

Maintenance and Repair of turbofan, turbojet and turboprop engines

MRO Components

Maintenance and Repair of APUs, Landing Gear , Avionics and sub-assemblies

Business Transformation

Private Equity

Strategic partner to Private Equity firms looking to increase capabilities and performance of portfolio companies

Merger & Acquisitions

Key advisor to M&A partners on C-suite talent needs for both pre- and post-acquisition

Business Acceleration

Connecting enterprises with rainmakers who can drive growth and profitability

Filling key Leadership Positions across the industry