During the pandemic, aviation was in a world of hurt and it took a long time to recover. Now that we’re out of that, everyone is making money…except Boeing and anyone tied to them.


If you’re a well-run company, executing at a high level, you’re benefiting from the industry bounce back. If you’re programmatically connected to Boeing - well, it’s complicated and will be for a while.


Is there any silver lining for Boeing, or can we expect trouble for the next decade? Are interest rates affecting aviation, or is the labor shortage still the most pressing concern? In this episode, M&A banker, Bill Alderman returns to share the state of the industry and it’s so bifurcated.


If you are programmatically tied to Boeing, this is a difficult time for you, and it’s got nothing to do with the industry. It’s that your customer has actual operating problems and that flows right down onto you. -Bill Alderman


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-The real problem

Everyone’s talking about the impact of interest rates, but is the labor shortage the real issue?


-Can Boeing get its act together

Why is Boeing having such a hard time while everyone else in the industry is experiencing incredible profitability?


-Boeing’s fate

The market’s lost confidence in Boeing, are they due for an activist investor or total collapse?