What happens when the aviation industry faces the gargantuan task of catching up to a constrained supply chain? The opportunity shifts. Everyone has accepted the reality that manufacturing is highly limited and that planes have to fly longer, so the aftermarket is white hot.


If you own IP and you’re driving the aftermarket, you’ll be fine for a while, but is this opportunity being felt across the industry or just limited to this corner?


The truth is there are different things occurring in different sectors. Many sectors are leaving la la land and heading back to normalcy which makes for some interesting developments. Other sectors are in dire need of innovation. What are the biggest areas of concern and opportunity? In this episode, Founder and President of Alderman & Company, Bill Alderman returns for a quarterly aviation check-in. We talk about the commercial supply chain, the aftermarket, defense and business jets.


There is a lack of capacity throughout our entire industry of aerospace and the after market is white hot. -Craig Picken


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-Never bet against American innovation

Russia’s tech is stale, but the real concern is China. What should this country be doing to shore up our defense industrial base and what’s at stake if we don’t?


-Biz jets…we’re leaving la-la land

All things related to business jet aviation did really well in the pandemic. Why is the sector continuing to cool off now?


-The white hot aftermarket

There is light at the end of the supply chain tunnel, but it’s a long, long tunnel. How is this going to affect the aftermarket?