Operating airplanes is a TOUGH business! Complicated machines, delicate financing structures, ever changing asset values, and other complexities that can tank even the best run operations. This is why it’s impossible to democratize business aviation.


Because owning a business jet company is sexy, it is easy to become overly emotional and focus on what makes you look good. But, it is a numbers business and operators who don’t stay disciplined will often find themselves in a lot of trouble. The secret according to AirX’s founder, John Matthews? Take let data drive your decisions.


How do you set a charter business up for success?


What are some of the mistakes jet operators are making? In this episode, John talks about the journey the company has taken, from their fascinating beginnings, to picking routes and building a very unique fleet and what it takes to survive and thrive in a tough business.


I became extremely analytical when I started to lose money, and that’s how we started making money. -John Matthews  



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-Why AirX stopped flying to America

The routes you fly are critical to your success in the charter business. What are the differences between the American and European marketplaces?


-The only way to survive and thrive

The asset market is going to soften and we’ve seen a sharp rise in the charter jet global inventory. What approach does AirX take to expanding their fleet? What are some of the creative aircraft they’ve assembled?


-Data-driven decisions only

In an industry like charters, it’s really easy to make decisions based on emotion. Why is it critical to be analytical instead?