The dust up between American Airlines and JSX is an interesting airline industry development. The pilot’s unions say it’s all in the name of safety, but that couldn’t be further from reality.


What’s up with FAR Part 380?


Smaller airlines are trying to take the suck out of flying and continue service for small communities. Why are the majors so dead-set against these small players? Can we really buy the argument that they want to make the industry safer?


The answer is… complicated. There is more to the feud than meets the eye (or the press).


In this episode I’m joined by acclaimed aviation attorney, Paul Lange. We talk about the real motivation behind the industry’s opposition to FAA Part 380 carriers.


The majors and unions don’t want to provide choice to the American public. They want the only model available to be their airlines and fortress hubs. -Paul Lange


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-An end to the pilot shortage…

Is the 1500 hour rule the real reason for the opposition to Part 380 carriers (who can circumvent it). Are there more efficient and effective ways to train pilots?


- Why Part 380 carriers worry the majors

How can major carriers view charter carriers as competitive, existential threats when they have just 30 seats and a small fraction of the business?  


- Safety or sabotage

Major carriers are harping on about the safety (or lack thereof) in the Part 380 carrier space. Is that really what they care about?