The vulnerability of the aerospace supply chain is something we’re all well aware of. But when focusing on specific commodities, a worrying picture emerges.


Considering that the industry gets its titanium from Russia, and that there hasn’t been much effort put towards de-risking the supply, we have a major issue. At the same time, with 18-24 month lead times, high strength steel is also clogging up the supply chain and causing major bottlenecks.


How does it dig itself out of these specific supply chain difficulties? What are some of the other pressing issues affecting aerospace?


In this episode, I’m joined by leading industry expert, and principal and partner at Aerodynamic Advisory, Kevin Michaels. We talk about aerospace’s biggest challenges and steps we can take to overcome them.


Here we are, 18 months after the invasion of Ukraine, and we find ourselves extremely dependent as an industry on Russian titanium. - Kevin Michaels


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-The issue no one’s talking about:

Boeing has made significant strides to wean itself off Russian titanium, but is it enough?


-How the industry is managing under supply chain constraints

The titanium supply chain is only hobbling along because of a suppressed demand. How catastrophic would this have been for the industry in previous years?


-Growing while under threat

From Boeing to Airbus, what are the challenges OEMs are facing in this current economic climate?


-Beware of the “no” crowd

With the challenges the industry is already facing, is the ESG consideration making the economics more difficult?