Efficiency is mission critical in the high-touch, high-mix, low-volume world of mid-sized MROs. Doing the job right and doing it quickly is the name of the game.


Leaders have to drive velocity and streamline processes and they have to do so while operating in a technical talent-constrained environment.


That’s the job Elliott Aviation’s CEO, Dan Edwards walked into. His perspective: MRO is a fun business. What are some of the concerns he’s balancing as the leader of this organization? How do you balance the legacy play with an ambition for growth?


In this episode, Dan shares what it’s like running Elliott Aviation, how they are finding talent in this environment, and driving up efficiency in a business where it matters most.


The pandemic wreaked havoc on the industry. There’s been so much turnover of talent. Attracting and retaining that talent is the number 1 aspect of having a good business in the MRO world. -Dan Edwards


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-Don’t chase squirrels

It’s really tempting to chase down the industry and try to compete in every space. How does Dan avoid this trap as CEO?


-A good problem for a CEO to have

How do you find the harmony between the pipeline created by sales and the capacity the operations team actually has?


-The key to a successful MRO business

The shortage of technical talent is a pain many MROs are feeling right now. How is Elliott Aviation filling their immediate talent needs while also thinking of the future?