In a post-pandemic world of work, the frustrations and concerns that led to The Great Resignation have morphed into a more passive aggressive trend.

Quiet quitting has emerged as the way unhappy employees express their job dissatisfaction, but does it actually do more harm to the worker than the employer?

In this episode of Million Dollar Careers, we’re going to talk about why quiet quitting destroys your own career, and the more productive way to deal with any career frustrations.


Setting boundaries is the alternative to quiet quitting. -Rob Houghton


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Why hard work doesn’t have to come at the expense of our personal lives
How can we give 110% at work without burning ourselves out?

Why the solution is often setting better boundaries
Quiet quitting is often driven by well-founded concerns about the job. How do we communicate how we truly feel instead of being passive aggressive?

The importance of mentorship
If you can’t afford a coach, how can you still get the guidance of an expert in your corner?