Covid, Inflation, Supply Chain interruptions and more have caused very volatile markets. A&D has also seen its share of volatility…and it is ever adapting to the environment.


With the squeeze on labor, working capital and raw materials organic growth seems difficult - but not impossible.


It’s a market of contradictions. The deal flow is there, but it’s also a tumultuous time to borrow money. There are a lot of great contracts, but with a backed up supply chain, manufacturers don't have the capacity to fill them. How are M&A advisors helping clients through these challenges? Where are the most surprising opportunities right now?


In this episode, I’m joined by managing partners at Coeptis Consulting Group, Chuck Adams and Corbin Metz. They share why it’s equally an exciting and challenging time to be in this industry, and navigating the exciting world of A&D from an entrepreneurial perspective.


Space is growing faster than people think, and there’s a big renewal in focus on it, especially on the commercial side. -Chuck Adams


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-The drive for diversification

How are the companies getting pummeled by current supply chain constraints responding to these challenges?


-Private equity…a gift and a curse

With an industry-wide squeeze on working capital, what are the challenges of taking the route of a strategic buyer?


-Raytheon GTF - a cause for concern

Will this engine’s recent setbacks affect its perceived reliability?


-Step out and bet on yourself

What drove Chuck and Corbin to leave big Corporate America and venture out on their own? What are the biggest differences between entrepreneurship and working for a huge company?