“I’ve got this job, want it or not?” is the absolute worst way to recruit an A+ player. Whether you’re a recruiter or a company looking for talent, the approach you take matters.


Ignoring their motivations or not caring about them at all means that you will risk losing those who can help you the most. Leave a negative impression at the start and you’ll guarantee the role will never get filled.


What are the other mistakes people make in the hiring process? How can conversations can be set up for success instead?


In this episode my good friend and podcast producer Matt Johnson and I talk about why candidates need an advocate, and how recruiters can be one.


Put aside your box of toys, and think about what it would take to get someone happy, healthy and motivated to start the job, itching to go. -Craig Picken


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-There are only 6 reasons people change jobs

How do you pull someone into an opportunity?


-Find a champion

What’s the difference between a recruiter who really cares about the candidate and someone who’s just looking to fill a slot?


-Don’t knee-cap the candidate

What are the things that leave a negative impression at the point when we want people to be most fired up?