In football, throwing a red flag allows a coach to contest the ref’s decision. It installs an extra layer of accountability and fairness. In military operations, we red team our strategies to identify weaknesses that can be improved upon.

Corporate organizations and businesses can benefit from the same approach. Having someone on the team who can interrogate a decision or call BS on a potential move, makes the business stronger.

How does this show up in companies? Who are the people we should really be listening to before we proceed on a plan?

In this episode of the Million Dollar careers series, we talk about the power of a red team strategy.


"Throwing a red flag provides outside input, accountability, empowerment, and it can help you avoid a lot of bad decisions." -Robert Houghton


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


Why accountability improves a business
Does throwing the red flag subconsciously make everyone better at their jobs?

The importance of having a frenemy in the business
Some people find finance roles like accountants and auditors annoying, but why are they so critical to our success?
How to red team our own lives
What’s one simple thing we can do to keep ourselves from making bad decisions?