If you run a small business, M&As may not be something you pay attention to because they are happening at the big picture level, but they affect the entire landscape of the industry. Whether a company gets snapped up or spun off, these movements create a ripple effect throughout the marketplace.


Even if you’re a smaller operator, the strategic, technical and competitive impacts of company consolidations will be felt by everyone, and the more we keep abreast with it, the better off we’re going to be as leaders.


What purpose does M&A serve to the entire industry? If we’re entertaining merging or being acquired, how do we get things in order? In this episode, aerospace and defense M&A banker Bill Alderman returns to discuss the impact M&A has on the entire industry.


If you’re aware of what’s going on with M&A and the value of your company within its supply chain and customers, you can be a more competitive leader of your business. -Bill Alderman


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


What M&A means for the industry
On a large-scale operational level does M&A really matter?

The political implications of M&A
At what size does an organization get so big it starts to get looked at more closely by the political sphere?

The truth about many major operators
Why are so many major OEMs struggling?