The commercial aircraft and engine market may be dislocated but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for discerning investors. In many ways, the lack of efficiency is the opportunity.


Where are the opportunities right now?


In this episode, co-founder of Inception Aviation Holdings, Adjunct Professor of Finance at NYU Shanghai, and author of Aircraft Valuation: Airplane Investments as an Asset Class, David Yu returns. He gives his take on aviation right now, including Boeing, the supply chain, the regional airline crisis and why he thinks the industry headed in a good direction.


There’s definitely some more efficiencies to be gained out of the current generation, but first off, let’s make sure they are working properly, as advertised. -David Yu


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-An innovation stalemate

With no new engine or airframe on the horizon, where will the developments come from over the next few years?


-How to find the opportunity right now

What are some of the challenges the European and Asian markets are facing, and what are the possible solutions?


-Parked planes don’t make any money

Is the real opportunity for regional jets affected by the pilot shortage overseas?