There’s an acute talent shortage in aviation, and it’s not just being felt in flight departments. From pilots to maintenance and leaders, the industry is short-staffed, and solving this issue requires an all-in, concerted effort from all organizations and stakeholders.


At the heart of our talent shortage is a crisis of leadership, and the hard truth that despite all it offers, aviation isn’t being viewed as an attractive career anymore. How do we show that aviation is a good industry to work in? What can we do to raise the leadership standard?


In this episode, I’m joined by third-generation business aviation professional and career coach, Jenny Showalter. She shares what it takes to bring the best and brightest into aviation.


We have an aviation talent shortage. We focus on the flight department roles, but it’s all throughout the industry. -Jenny Showalter


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-Leadership or lack thereof

There aren’t a lot of younger, fresh blood leaders coming into this industry. How do we bring more in or develop the professionals we already have?


-Everyone should be concerned and involved

There’s no blanket solution for the workforce shortage we have, but what could go a long way to remedy it?


-Learning from the most effective flight departments

What do the best organizations do differently?