Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

NorthStar serves a broad swath of the Aviation & Aerospace industry, including highly respected organizations in the MRO sector of the market. The candidates we follow and place are leaders in their respective disciplines, exemplary professionals who make an immediate impact in the following MRO areas:

MRO Heavy Maintenance

MRO Heavy Maintenance

MRO organizations are the backbone of the aviation industry, keeping assets in top revenue-generating condition. Executive leaders at MRO facilities play a key role in helping airline operators meet business objectives. Maintenance and repair of airframes, major assemblies and structures requires nose-to-tail knowledge of the aircraft, familiarity with advanced production techniques and a proven commitment to quality. NorthStar candidates bring these critical qualifications and more to the job.

MRO- Aircraft Engines

MRO Aircraft Engines

Maintenance and repair of turbofan, turbojet and turboprop engines demands in-depth product knowledge and sophisticated repair and production processes. Executive management of these organizations requires similar proven abilities and precision. NorthStar candidates have years of experience in the aircraft engine aftermarket space and a native knowledge of what it takes to thrive and succeed in this highly competitive business environment.

MRO Components

MRO Components

Across the spectrum of MRO services, NorthStar delivers candidates ready to make an immediate impact and that includes organizations specializing in maintenance and repair of sub-assemblies, avionics and other components. Whether in operations, finance, compliance, production, sales or other key functions, NorthStar candidates provide a discipline that drives change and grows revenue.

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