The pandemic created a unique set of circumstances for private aviation; an alignment between the forced adoption of technology and the emergence of a new type of consumer has given the sector an incredible boost in demand and volume.

A monumentally entrepreneurial organization like Sentient Jet is primed for this private aviation gold rush, and on the forefront of evangelizing the sector.

What are some of the pieces they are lining up to continue expanding market share? How is tech fueling their organizations growth?

In this episode, President and CEO of Sentient Jet, Andrew Collins shares why the last few years have been so fruitful for private aviation and what the company aims to accomplish.


We’re trying to remove as much friction as we can from private aviation and generate the most positive experience. -Andrew Collins


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

The truth about market rationalized pricing
Is the idea of the democratization of business aviation an unrealistic oxymoron?

Why Sentient Jet is investing in eVTOL
Can aviation create a frictionless and convenient way to do short distances?

The rise of a new customer
How has this post-pandemic era impacted what business aviation customers expect?

Sentient Jet’s main focus
How can the private aviation industry improve the experience for a growing customer base?