We’ve all seen the flash-in-the-pan companies that take the market by storm but then burn out fast. It’s rare for a privately held company to stay relevant for 5 decades in one of the most volatile industries on earth. But that is exactly what Clay Lacy Aviation has done.


BizAv operators are constantly threading the needle between growth and stability. Rapid expansion at any cost can be deadly, but at the same time, growth can be so slow that they stop being relevant. Growth rate management is the name of the game.


What is driving Clay Lacy Aviation's monumental trajectory? How do they keep their culture of excellence so strong? How do they balance ambition with discipline?


In today’s episode, I’m joined by 3 dynamic Clay Lacy Aviation executives - Joe Barber, Scott Cutshall and Chris Hand. They share the key mindsets and strategies that have been instrumental to their ongoing success


There isn’t a private-equity setup behind our structure so we have to be thoughtful and conservative about how we grow. It has to be done in a long-term view, with discipline. -Joe Barber


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-Pace wins the race

Sometimes the best way to grow is slowly. How does the Clay Lacy team balance ambition with discipline?


-Peak client alignment

How does Clay Lacy Aviation set a client relationship up for success from the inception of the deal?


-Bigger planes, bigger hangars

What are the key trends Clay Lacy Aviation’s leadership are focusing on?


-Don’t hire for the book and overlook values

How does the Clay Lacy team hire and uphold their culture?