Covid drove the demand for charter aviation off the charts. Undoubtedly, we saw a sugar rush, and even though it’s tapered off, the industry is still benefiting from that peak.


Private aviation is spoken more of a lot more as a solution, and the audience is more educated about it than ever before. Where does the industry go from here? What are some of the opportunities? Considering how its fate is often linked to the economy, will the good times stop rolling?


In this episode, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales at Four Corners Aviation, Vincent Kavanagh shares how he sees the industry, including the current hurdles and opportunities.


I’m always bullish about the industry, if you’re as good as you say you are, you can still find the audience. -Vincent Kavanagh


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-A more educated customer

Where should buyers have their loyalty and what should they be looking for?


-The state of the private jet industry

The industry has become much more consolidated, but how has that led to more opportunities and solutions?


-So goes the economy, so goes private aviation? Not quite

Do the rise of interest rates hurt the charter industry or will these conditions create new opportunities?