What separates the companies knocking it out of the ballpark and those running in place? Oftentimes it’s just simple communication.


Lack of achievement isn’t just a function of what people do, it’s what’s they don’t say…. But really need to!


The best leaders recognize the need for open communication and prioritize it, even when it’s uncomfortable.


Why is the distinction between a high-performance and high-achievement so important in our organizations? How do we become unconditionally powerful? How do we remove static from our communication lines?


In this episode, I’m joined by consultant, speaker, and author of Unconditional Power, Steven Gaffney. We talk about the secret to successful organizations and how to empower the people who work in them.


The word high-performing is old-hat and it often doesn’t speak to the times. I say high-achieving. -Craig Picken


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-Performance isn’t the problem, achieving is

We’re not paid to work hard, we’re paid to achieve results.


-Team first, position second

How do we pivot from focusing on our own role to thinking of the needs of the whole organization?


-Traits of the powerful

How do we go from powerless to unconditionally powerful?