From pilot pay and recruiting to acquisitions and maintenance scope - OneSky Flight has seen a steady stream of BIG wins. These are huge feats accomplished against the backdrop of a tumultuous industry, and they speak to the leadership of the organization.


OneSky’s success has been done in stages; formulating the strategy to make the company a successful career destination, hiring accomplished “right-fit” aviators, and growing both the fleet and maintenance capacity to keep up with the needs.


How is the leadership balancing these goals while being selective about growth? What measures have they put in place to avoid some of the woes their industry counterparts are facing?


In this episode, SVP and Chief Administrative Officer at OneSky Flight, Bob Sullivan returns to talk about the exciting year the company has had.


World dominance is not our goal - our goal is to be the best. -Bob Sullivan


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-Become a career destination

While everyone else was turning left and lowering their standards when it comes to talent acquisition and pilot pay, OneSky chose a different path.


-The in-house maintenance investment

Securing more maintenance and bringing it “in-house” will help facilitate aircraft fleet growth


-Excellence not dominance

Unfettered growth isn’t the goal at OneSky. What are they focused on?


-The magic number

The covid era showed that there’s an appetite for private aviation. How can companies identify new customers?