The growth and financial opportunity in space isn’t going away anytime soon - in fact, it’s just getting started. Many people might think it’s just a flash-in-the-pan buzzword, but that’s like saying the ocean’s going away and we should stop building ships.


There are still some hurdles, however. Which include the ability to prove out the business models.


How are private equity firms navigating the space opportunity? Why did our guest make the switch from engineering to private equity? In this episode, VP at AE Industrial Partners, Jon Lusczakoski talks about his incredible career and the opportunity the company is taking advantage of.


We don’t want the firm to invest in one single constellation, specific type of company or technology. There’s too much risk there. We want to provide the picks and shovels for the gold rush. -Jon Lusczakoski


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


- Mapping out the space opportunity

If you take out SpaceX, Starlink, and Blue Origin, what’s the real financial picture in the space industry?


- From engineering to private equity

Why did Jon decide to change his career trajectory?


- Learn to double click on key details

From growing up around a small family business to working for a massive family business like Williams International, what has Jon learned?