With the supply chain still recovering from covid, turn time, parts availability and cost sensitivity are the paramount concerns for airlines and leasing companies. That means more organizations are willing to look to creative solutions for complex problems. And, this has created lucrative market opportunities.


What is particularly fascinating is the team creating the solutions and capitalizing on opportunities; They’re young, aggressive, and willing to act fast in a very dynamic market.


Listen to how FTAI Aviation runs a business that moves fast without being reckless. In this episode, SVP and head of CFM & Module Factory at FTAI Aviation, Sam Hammoud shares the company’s unique and impressive approach to the engine MRO.


The CFM56 is such a simple engine in the sense that if you just gain an advantage, vertically integrate and do this right, you can make a very healthy business out of it. -Sam Hammoud


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-Mitigating supply chain constraints

Why overspend to overbuild when there’s a modular and used parts market to take advantage of?

-Culture of execution

How can a company move fast in their decision making; not in a reckless way but rather a thoughtful way?

-An interesting balancing act

What challenges are old guard OEMs facing?