There’s a lot of passive aggressive behavior in the working world right now, and doing the bare minimum isn’t just something employees do - companies do it too.


Quiet firing is the practice of slowly freezing out an employee hoping they self-select out, instead of just facing the issues head-on. It’s dishonest, unproductive and wholly unnecessary and entirely avoidable. How can you tell you’re being quietly pushed out? How can organizations refrain from quiet firing?


In this edition of Million Dollar Careers, we dig into quiet firing and why it’s such a bad practice.


Hiring authorities and supervisors really owe it to themselves, their company, and the individual candidates to confront the issue. -Rob Houghton


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

What to be on the lookout for
From demotions to reassignments, quiet firing takes on many forms. What are the subtle signs?

The people who’ll never get quietly fired
Can you take corrective action when you realize you’re being quietly fired?

Why quiet firing is the action of a cowardly leader
If an employer isn’t happy with an employee’s performance, why is it so critical to cut the BS and just let them go?