Data, data, and more data. The issue isn’t a lack of data but the inability to use it effectively.


It could be a challenge of interoperability, formatting or turning the data into motivation across the organization. The truth is: there’s a real art to utilizing the intelligence a business already has.


What can we do to organize scattered data? How do you use data to not just learn, but to motivate different areas of the business?


In this episode, I’m joined by the CEO of Nowsight™, Michael Schader. We talk about the biggest challenges businesses face in collecting, assessing and leveraging all the data flowing through the organization.


It’s answering the right questions with the right data and providing those answers with the right visualization. -Michael Schader


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


- The real challenge in business intelligence

Are companies in need of more data or are they unable to use what they already have?


- Why data gathering has to go deeper than the basics

What are the critical stats leaders worry about and how can they easily access that data?


- Data-driven or emotion-driven

How do most leaders currently make decisions?