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You’re at Risk of a Cyber Attack – Here’s What to do About It

The biggest obstacle to cybersecurity stems from our unwillingness to understand our risks. We can set up all the security systems in the world, but if we’re not actively looking for threats, it’s all for naught.

Ignoring threats until they become a reality means setting ourselves up for bigger problems.

What’s stopping us from facing the truth head-on? How do we prioritize our cybersecurity? Is the risk really imminent?

In this episode, Founder and President of Defense Cybersecurity Group, Vince Scott shares what we should be doing to combat cyber-attacks. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • IT is not a cost: For many business leaders, IT is nothing more than a ‘cost’, and that’s why they’re hesitant to spend anything more than the bare minimum. However, IT isn’t just an add-on: it is the backbone of every business. 
  • The cyberthreat we should be most concerned about: Ransomware should be the least of our worries because we know the risk is there. The real danger comes from something that happens without our knowledge. 
  • Who to hire to optimize our cyber-safety infrastructure: When it comes to cybersecurity, willingness to learn trumps experience. While it’s a good idea to hire experienced tech personnel for leadership roles, those who monitor our systems can often grow into their roles.

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