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You Reduced Aircraft Weight How Much?

Alpine Advanced Materials innovative HX5 composites are driving weight-saving solutions that took a whopping 2,000 lbs. of weight out of a Boeing 777! As a venture-backed, early stage start-up, the company is also creating big waves in aerospace manufacturing.  

Getting a startup off the ground is challenging in the best of times, and a pandemic only adds another hurdle to the mix. What have Roger Raley and Joe D’Cruz done to thrive amidst the chaos? Do startups have advantages over their established competition that allow them to dominate?

In this episode, Roger Raley and Joe D’Cruz of Alpine Advanced Materials share how they got their company off the ground in the midst of a global health crisis.

3 Things We Learned from this Episode

  • Why our investors make all the difference: Having the right investors does more than inject capital into our businesses, it also gives us credibility. Focus on partnering with the right investors who have the right experience. 
  • Why keeping our teams lean is the best way forward: Startups need to protect their capital, so avoid unnecessary expenses wherever possible and focus on fundamentals. 
  • The importance of staying cool under pressure: It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in times of crisis, but the key to success lies in staying calm in every situation. Shift energies towards finding opportunities to partner with the right people and companies.

Craig Picken is Managing Partner for Northstar Group, a leading CEO / C-Suite Executive Search Firm for Aviation and Aerospace Industry and ranked as Forbes Best Search Firms for 2020.