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Why COVID-19 Can Be a Boon for US Manufacturers

Leading a small business in the current business climate comes with many challenges, but there’s still a lot of opportunity for leaders who have the right mindset.

The pandemic has affected manufacturing extensively but this also creates SIGNIFICANT opportunities for local businesses to gain market share, and help OEMs protect their supply chains.

How can small and mid-sized businesses grow through this crisis? Why is marketing so important right now? In this episode, Anchor Harvey (www.ancorharvey.com) Components CEO, Tom Lefaivre shares why he is optimistic about business, even with the challenges he’s navigated.

3 Things We Learned

  • The best ideas often come from your own employees. If we create a space in our companies for them to share their ideas, it will help us improve the products we create. 
  • With restrictions and lockdowns, there will be a slowing in manufacturing outsourcing to foreign nations. US manufacturers now have a chance to prove themselves.  
  • Now is not the time to skimp on Sales and Marketing. Now is the time to amp it up.