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What Changes in 2021?

What can we expect from the airlines in 2021? How will they change and what will drive their business?

In this episode, economist and former CEO of Spirit Airlines, Ben Baldanza shares the changes we’ll need to make as an industry. 

Three Things We Learned from This Episode

  • How a decrease in business travel will impact the industry: As fewer corporate travelers take to the skies, many airlines will need to adapt their strategies and start making space for more lower-cost options. This will impact the existing low-cost carriers, who will be forced to compete in a different manner. 
  • What less business travel means for wide-body producers: With corporate travelers flying less frequently internationally, the need for widebody aircraft will be reduced. This will affect Boeing and Airbus production rates significantly but it’s not all doom and gloom. There will be opportunities elsewhere.

Where the opportunities lie going forward: Despite the challenges, there is still opportunity for growth in our business. It’s just time to shift our focus into how we’ll make all our passengers feel comfortable throughout the travel experience

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