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What About Warren?

By now we all saw the news that #Textron was (is) in talks with #Bombardier to buy Bombardier’s business aircraft division, something #BrianFoley highlighted in Forbes magazine more than 2 weeks ago. (inside scoop?)

SO… if Bombardier is now in play (which it certainly is) does TXT become the sole bidder? Pure speculation on my part, but I wonder if Berkshire Hathaway sees a deal?

Think about it! Buffet has $130B (BILLION) of “patient money” burning a hole in his pocket and he’s publicly indicated he wants to do a deal. A few billion for Bombardier is chump change.

Berkshire Hathaway also owns #FlightSafety Inc, Netjets and nearly 10% of Delta Airlines.

Granted, Netjets has not been a huge winner for him. But it DOES fly a lot of Bombardier aircraft. Those in service plus additional orders total >450 airplanes worth ~$10B!

FlightSafety also trains a lot of Bombardier pilots. Bombardier Aircraft Services fixes a lot of airplanes. And Delta Airlines just put a big investment into Kenny Dichter’s company – #WheelsUp.

Finally, there is also a large stake in PNC Bank, which is a prolific financier of business jets.

Perhaps buying a Canadian OEM helps round out what can be a nice little aviation empire. Thoughts? #aviation