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Weathering the Storm

Airlines and Dinosaurs… Fighting off extinction! How does the industry rebuild?

With so much uncertainty, it will be difficult to plan a way forward, but it’s not all doom and gloom – people WILL want to travel again. We just have to figure out how to stay afloat until demand fully returns. 

Leasing industry veteran and CEO / Chief Investment Officer at Warbird Capital LLC, Nick Pastushan joins me to discuss the future of aviation in a time of uncertainty. 

3 Things We Learned from Nick Pastushan

  • The aviation industry will take flight, but we have to be prepared for intense restructuring to get us through “to the other side.”  
  • OEMs should take this time to go into hibernation. Even with all the skills and tools to keep producing, it’s a good idea to put a pause on operations until there’s more clarity in the industry.
  • Once borders reopen, consumers may be hesitant to board flights. But, they will still want to see the world!