The pilot shortage might feel like a relatively recent thing, but it has been decades in the making. The foundation had been buckling for a long time and now we’re in full-on free fall, which is being reflected in the salaries and contracts we’re seeing today.


Will this be the new normal going forward? In order to solve this issue, the whole industry has to present a united front to create a solid pipeline of talent. The companies that refuse to pay competitively will suffer accordingly.


In this episode, I’m joined by speaker, author and CEO of The AirComp Calculator, Chris Broyhill. We discuss the roots of the pilot shortage and how it can be rectified.


OEMs have a dog in the compensation fight whether they know it or not. They have to lead by example. -Chris Broyhill


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


- The pilot pipeline crisis

Why is the barrier of entry for pilots so much higher than it was in the 1980s?


- Why so many companies suffer

Pilots are expensive to replace, how do we avoid losing them?


- OEMs have a dog in the compensation fight

How can the entire industry make a push towards retaining talent?