With interest rates, inflation and the running businesses in the post-covid era, leaders are being hit by challenges from all directions. The problem is: if we’re orienting towards everything that’s happening as temporary, we’re not helping ourselves or our businesses.


If we try to carbon copy the way we operated before to now, we’ll stagnate. If we choose to go back to basics and reorient ourselves to this new North Star, we’ll accelerate our organizations.


How do we raise the quality of our decision making? What do great leaders bring to the table?


In this episode, executive coach and facilitator, Miriam Meima shares her observations on leadership today.


The companies who are not trying to carbon copy the way they operated before and are more willing to reinvent from building blocks are the companies that have accelerated. -Miriam Meima


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


- Advice for the accidental leader
When the leadership mantle is thrust upon you, how do you find your feet and thrive?


- How to lead for today, not yesteryear
How have the last few years impacted the collective decision making of teams?


- The truth about ‘hit the ground running’, ‘sink or swim’ culture
What does it take to set an employee up for success?