If you ask most people what it takes to succeed, they’ll come up with an elaborate, overly complicated, multi-step formula, but that’s wholly unnecessary and even detrimental. All it really takes is executing a few simple concepts very well.


Think about Seven Nation Army - it’s basically 7 notes and a steady drum beat, but it works because it’s performed impeccably.


Our careers are exactly the same. A few essentials are enough to move the needle, and the more we perfect them, the better off we’ll be.


In this episode, we talk about the 3 simple levers to a Million Dollar Career.

The simple things in life, executed really well, will take people a long way. -Craig Picken


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


Why text and email are for amateurs
Do we create unnecessary complexity by not doing the simple act of picking up the phone and calling someone?

The problem with having too many steps in your plan
What does Tom Brady teach us about the power of executing a few key things really well?

How to uncomplicate anything
How can we use the 5 Ws formula to make it easier to plan anything?