We’ve all heard the cliche saying, ‘people don’t leave jobs, they leave people’, but it’s time to debunk that idea, once and for all!


People leave jobs for all kinds of reasons, from higher pay, to better opportunities for growth and even convenience, so we’ve got to stop chalking it all up to leadership.


The question we should be asking is, what happens when people do leave?


In this episode, Matt Johnson and I discuss how to respond to a turnover within our organization.


We have got to move beyond the unrealistic expectation that any turnover is bad. -Craig Picken


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


How to tell when a turnover is indicative of a problem
When is a turnover simply a reality of life, and when should it raise red flags?


Why we should look at turnover as an opportunity
How can we stop equating a resignation with a loss, and start thinking about it as a chance to onboard an even better fit for our organization?  


How to ensure we’re never without a vital team member
Losing an important team member could impact our operations, so what can we do to make provisions for the situation, well in advance?