In many organizations, the gap between the generations is a point of conflict and friction but it doesn’t have to be.


Sure, millennials/Gen-Z see work differently to their older coworkers and superiors, but there’s a lot of value in the perspectives each generation have, and that can make for a more resilient organization.


How do we facilitate better communication and collaboration between the generations?


In this episode, executive and transition coach and change strategist, Julie Noonan talks about how leaders can eliminate generational friction and create harmony in the workforce.


Get rid of as many stereotypes as possible because as soon as you put someone in a box, you’ve limited their ability to shine, and that’s for anyone across the board regardless of generation. -Julie Noonan


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


How the conversation around work changed
Did covid actually accelerate generational harmony in the workplace?

Why younger employees aren’t interested in the corner office or titles
How has the younger generation redefined what the pinnacle of success looks like?

The power of two-way mentorship
There are tremendous opportunities for both generations to learn from each other, how can companies facilitate it?