The mark of a great organization is a leader who empowers their people to make decisions at a tactical level; and employees who can advocate for change within the system.  

When business owners micromanage and smother their top talent, they make progress impossible. When employees complain about the shortcomings of the company without coming up with real solutions, they can’t thrive in their roles.

How do both sides of the business relationship set themselves up for success?

In this edition of the Million Dollar Career Series, Robert Houghton and I discuss the entrepreneur trap from two different perspectives.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-How to empower your entire organization 
What can the military teach us about the danger of extremely hierarchical 

-What new recruits get wrong 
How do we advocate for change in a new company without disparaging the people and the system?

-How to get buy-in from the start 
We have the most leverage during an interview, but how do we actually use it?