Reinventing your career is something just about everyone will have to do at some point, but what about companies? Can a company that was headed in one direction shift its entire trajectory?


The short answer: yes. With thought and intention a company can change its culture, realign their hiring practices and do what it takes to grow. The only thing is, the leaders have to adapt a specific mindset to successfully do this.


In this episode of Million Dollar Careers, we discuss what it takes to transform a company.


It’s about active listening and then coming up with benchmarks and actions that are mutually agreed upon between staff and management. -Rob Houghton


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


- Why great organizations lose great people
Really good people get pigeonholed because they are good at their jobs, how do you provide growth opportunities?


- The mark of great management
Many leaders say they listen to their people, but it’s really in one ear and out the other. How do you really start taking in what they say and taking action on it?


- When companies say “we can’t find the right people”..
Is the problem the talent in the market or something in the company's practices?