Entrepreneurial individuals and salary-focused people aren’t built the same. This is a lesson smaller organizations learn the hard way when they bring on a leader who has a large corporate mentality.


The two types of business mentality don’t gel, and forcing a bureaucratic leadership style on an entrepreneurial organization can tank the business faster than any market downturn.


In this episode, we share why a salaried employee mindset will never, ever work in a “tugboat” environment.


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-The big challenge private equity firms and startups are facing
A big company mentality won’t work in an entrepreneurial environment, why are the two such a poor fit for each other?

-What all entrepreneurs have in common
Can someone who’s used to the safety and certainty of a high salary ever take on the risk-tolerance of an entrepreneur?

-How small businesses become successful
What does it take to build and grow a company from the ground up?