We’ve all heard about the massive lay-offs at Google and Facebook, but what you probably haven’t heard is how quickly those employees were able to find new jobs. It just goes to show that when it comes to high quality talent, the power isn’t on the employer’s side.


Many companies are still working off old data, putting them at a great disadvantage in terms of finding talent. When it comes to getting the best people, we can’t get away with paying them less in this market.


How do we make sure our pay packages are meeting the demands of the market?


In this episode, we talk about what most employers are getting wrong about this job market.


If your company has limited resources, what can we do in lieu of cash to make someone happy? It always comes down to equity - make someone an owner. Align their goals with yours. -Craig Picken


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

-Why small companies are winning
Most people are afraid of going to small companies, but could they be the best place to work in turbulent times?

-Pay a valuable people more than you’re comfortable with
How do we design pay packages that reflect the demands of the market?

-The power of giving A+ talent equity
How do we sweeten a package when you have limited resources?