In many facets, the idea of a fully electric future becomes more attainable by the day, and the question is if aeronautics and aviation are headed in that direction. There’s a lot of conversation about the possibility of electric aircraft, but how viable is it with the current battery technology and materials we have?


What are some of the challenges (and opportunities) in transitioning to electric aviation? In this episode, co-founder and President of HOBI International, Craig Boswell talks about green energy, EVs, the limitations that make electric aircraft harder to achieve, and what the industry is doing about them.


The Holy Grail is a very safe battery with tremendous power density that’s also cheap. It’s buried somewhere out there, but we still haven’t found it. -Craig Boswell  


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

How to extend the life of existing technologies
What are some of the concerns and factors that we need to be aware of at the end of the life cycle of electronics?

How to manufacture with recyclability in mind
When it comes to batteries, how easy is it to create a circular economy?

The limitations of our current battery technology
What are the biggest hazards presented by batteries that power larger vehicles and aircraft?