Once in a lifetime opportunities and massive breakthroughs don’t happen by accident - they are a direct byproduct of how we position ourselves. The next great career move could be one conversation or one even question away, but if we’re complacent or comfortable in what we know right now - it will always be out of reach.

What keeps people from professional and personal growth? In today’s special episode, we’re celebrating our 150th episode!

I’m joined by our show’s producer, founder of Pursuing Results and author of MicroFamous, Matt Johnson. I share what I’ve learned from successful people and how they chase opportunities.


"Opening new doors and finding opportunities is a continuous process. It never stops." -Craig Picken


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


How to reach beyond your own competence
Can we open the door to more knowledge by asking one simple question?

The truth about the “safety” of big companies
What stops people from getting out of the limits of corporate to create bigger opportunities out of the corporate machine?

The fine line we have to walk in order to succeed
How do we balance between staying relentlessly focused on our goals and closing ourselves off to new opportunities?