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Transitioning With Purpose

A big lesson we learn is how quickly change can be forced on us. The people who successfully adapt don’t change by force, they pivot with intention and purpose.  

Many think that change and transition are the same thing, but there’s a difference. Change is forced on us; transition is a choice we make and is something we control. 

Our world will continue to change and the more we can transition and pivot, the more likely we’ll be able to reach our desired goals.

What are the key differences between people who transition intentionally and people who are forced to change by circumstance? In this episode, Executive Performance and Transition Coach, and author of Transition on Purpose, Dennis Volpe answers this question.

3 Things We Learned from Dennis

  • Change vs. transition: A change is what happens to us under the pressure of an external force. A transition is a mindset, internal push, and self-motivated effort to move from our current reality to our desired reality. By making transitions, we protect ourselves from unwanted changes. 
  • The types of transitions we’ll encounter in our lives: There are 3 different types of transitions: a forced transition, an accidental transition, and an intentional transition. The more we can get ahead of a forced change by shifting on purpose, the more prepared we are in an unpredictable world. 
  • How to create your happiness equation: Start with the non-negotiable things you need to add to your life and remove the things that divide or subtract your joy and fulfillment. If we set the intention to build a life that aligns with that equation, we can easily identify when something isn’t in alignment and shift accordingly.