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Tornado Boss

There was a recent WSJ article titled “How to Handle the Chaos of a ‘Tornado Boss’,” – He who thinks they’re a “Maverick” or “Disruptor.”

“Disruptor” is the new buzz word, but there are very few true “DisruptorS” in the world.

Bezos and Zuckerberg won’t admit they’re disruptors. They just built companies that disrupted traditional industries.

They also built great teams and infrastructure to support their efforts, which were as much evolutionary as they were revolutionary.

A “Tornado Boss” is not a positive disruptor. Typically, they’re a high thrust, no vector executive with high IQ and low EQ.

I.e. They run around the halls spouting marginal ideas and telling everyone else how stupid they are. And, their ideas are rarely revolutionary, either.

Some politicians currently fit that description.

True disruption really requires hard work, patience, leadership and a good plan. There are few “Ah Ha moments” in business or in life.

It also requires high EQ. People are smart… and they can sabotage a plan as easily as they support it.

The direction they go depends on the faith they have in the person guiding them.

True “Disruptors” in are actually “Servant Leaders.”

They know it’s easier to get results via leading people than it is by blowing them up.