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To Be A CEO You Must Think Like One

‎The Aerospace Executive Podcast: Million Dollar Career Series: If Your Goal Is To Become A CEO, You Need To Think Like One, First! w/Robert Houghton on Apple Podcasts

Many people talk about wanting to be leaders, but a very small number actually turn that dream into reality.

The harsh truth is, most people won’t become CEOs or even grow their careers to a higher level, because they’re just not thinking the right way. 

So, how does a leader think, and how are their habits different from those of the average Joe? Is there a way to change our mindsets so they’re better suited to a leadership role?

In this episode, executive recruiter and President of MR Fairfax, Robert Houghton and I are discussing the common attributes ALL great leaders have in common, and how to emulate them in our own careers. 

Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The importance of maintaining focus: It’s impossible to reach our goals if we’re easily distracted. How can we reallyzone in on the activities guaranteed to help us push the needle forward?
  • The education EVERY CEO needs to have: What are the non-negotiable skills leaders need to have and how can we go about acquiring them? 
  • Why communication is key: How can we expect to grow our careers to the next level if we don’t know how to communicate our ideas with others? 
  • The best way to handle Negative Nancies in our organizations: It’s not easy to work when we’re surrounded by negativity, so what can we do if we find ourselves in that situation?