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A friend was bitching to me the other day.  “THEY put me in a box…   THEY kinda screwed me over…”

Me: “Yeah?  So what?  THEY will do what THEY want. Watcha gonna do?”

Here’s a simple fact, Jack! 

THEY will always look out for their interests and THEY are going to do what THEY want to do.

And, regarding what THEY are going to do, you never get a vote.  Whining won’t change that fact.

But there are some areas where you DO get a vote: 

  1. YOUR Faith.  If you don’t have any, get some
  2. YOUR Health.  Gym memberships are good.  TV and Oreos are bad.  Heck, I flipped a gym buddy (Realtor) a lead recently.  He’ll make $20 grand from it.  Get off your ass!
  3. YOUR Mind.  Books, podcasts, and crossword puzzles keep it sharp
  4. YOUR Family.  Take care of those who matter
  5. YOUR Attitude.  Nobody likes a whiner

 Want some power in your life?  Focus a little less on THEM and a little more on YOU.

You’ll be surprised what can happen.