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The VP of ME

A Sales VP called me for advice. His company is restructuring.

Craig, I’m a company guy and I’ll do what’s best for the company, but…”

I cut him off.

“Joe, the company will either be fine, or it won’t. You don’t have that much power. But what about you? What happens to you if you’re forced to move, take a job you don’t want, or you lose your job altogether?”

Taking Care of Number 1!

Now that I’m firmly implanted into middle age I can reflect on my career. 

In every job I had I was a company guy, too. All the way until:

–         The Navy wanted to send me to sea for 5 straight years;

–         I got really bored and impatient;

–         The Sales job I loved went ‘Poof!’ …

–         Company leaders decided to unilaterally “adjust” commissions ;

It was then that I became a “Craig” guy. Frankly, it just became easier to be “The VP of ME.”

Today I work hard to delight my customers and when I take on a project it is ALWAYS about them. 

But, in the best interest of “Craig,” I don’t take on stuff I don’t want and I won’t work on terms I don’t like. I’m a business and I have a family to support, too.


Nothing lasts forever. Even the most successful military careers only last 20 or 25 years and someday your job may go “Poof!” Jobs are nothing more than temporary opportunities.

The Navy gives you five straight years of sea duty because the Navy needs you at sea, not because you want to be there. Companies will do what is best for the company and it will always reserve the right to move you to Topeka or your job to Mexico.

 If you’re stagnant, you’re dead. Boredom kills the soul.

Whether you stay or you go the company WILL or WILL NOT be fine. You don’t have that much power to change a lot. Great companies will be great. Crummy ones will usually stay crummy.

Great leaders are prolific. Finding one that takes you in a direction YOU want (or need) to go is challengingDon’t be a lemming.

Your boss is thinking about his bonus. If you can’t help him get it then you’re overhead.

I should have kept the head-hunter’s number.

 “Adjustments” to commissions = pay cut.

 It’s OKAY to be selfish.


Your career is YOURS and YOURS ONLY to develop.

If you’re always going where guy in the corner office tells you to go versus where you want to be, then there is a problem.  

Take control and place a vote for yourself.

Perhaps it’s time to become “The VP of ME…”