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The Path to Success? – EARN IT!

I’m a fitness junkie and my work-out starts promptly at 7AM Monday thru Friday. 

One day last week I was in the midst of a tough one at the local college and noticed a group of high school kids doing the same, about a dozen in all.  With them were a few “twenty somethings” who I also recognized as the boys and girls soccer coaches for a local high school soccer team. 

In between my sets I was glancing at the kids with admiration; the workout these kids were doing was tough and included quarter mile sprints, hundred yard dashes, lunges, push-ups and a lot of tortuous exercises.  The coaches were ripe with encouragement and each of the kids had plenty of encouragement for each other. 

Over the weekend I was at the beach and ran into one of the coaches…  Yes, it is a local high school soccer team and the summer workouts are completely VOLUNTARY.  Attendance is 100% optional and the 90 minute workouts start at7 AM sharp.  Not so amazing is that he knows who will be there, and who won’t. While some kids are in the middle of their summer slumber, others are out there working with dedication. 

And then it gave me hope…   perhaps in the era of “everyone gets a prize” there are kids who are learning early that the path to success is to EARN IT.  Interesting concept… 

I just hope those results aren’t taxed to infinity to accommodate the rest.

What’s happening on your team?